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Helpful Property Audits in Toledo, OH

Accounting Services & Property Audits in Toledo, OH

Make the most of your real estate when you turn to Flex Realty Property Management for accounting services and property audits in Toledo, OH. We give you the information you need to maximize your revenue and make smart decisions about your finances.

Forensic Property Management Accounting

Through a combination of forensic property management accounting techniques and investigative skills, our team can perform "informal" audits relating to previous management companies and the costs associated with them.

Let's Get Started!

Getting started is easy — simply email us or give a call! A friendly, knowledgeable member of our team is standing by to answer all your questions and explain the process. We typically begin with a consultation to determine your needs and discuss ideas. Then, we forward you an electronic brochure and a management agreement form for you to review. Finally, upon your approval, we set up your account and begin taking on the responsibilities of property management.

Condition Audits

Often, an independent assessment of property condition is necessary to stave off insurance issues and unexpected maintenance expenses. We are well versed in inspection techniques and can partner with local industry professionals to provide comprehensive property audits.


We are ready to take over the management of your property in as little as three days, but the optimal time for us to take over is 10 days or more before rent is due. This gives us time to get to know your tenants and set expectations.

Our real estate management team prepares a welcome package for all the occupants of your building. The package includes a welcome letter and fridge magnets with our address, contact information, emergency phone numbers. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition and smooth delivery of rent money.